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What Is My Green Network

What is My Green Network?

Established in 2019, My Green Network is a connected community and manufacturing facility founded by attorneys and chefs with the passion to produce innovative cannabis products. 

We specialize in offering a variety of white label and private label products, shared cannabis kitchen space, and manufacturing clean, solventless products poised to be the future of consumer trends.

Learn more about the leading cannabis manufacturers in California and our mission.

White and Private Label

Premium cannabis is in demand, and brands are in a position to capitalize on rising sales without rising upfront costs. With our vast capabilities and state-of-the-art facility, new and existing brands can explore top-shelf white-label and private label opportunities. From white label prerolls to solventless private label vape pens, we take pride in producing only the most premium products for the highest returns.


Solventless vape carts, concentrates, and edibles are the future of the cannabis industry as consumers seek clean weed. With our experience and expertise, we carefully curate solventless California rosin and California concentrates that offer consumers strain specific and flavor-forward products. From our white label cannabis to private label vape pens and beyond, we’re California’s premier solventless source.

Protect your brand’s value and maximize profitability

White and private label opportunities help you manufacture high-quality products for less, so you can focus on what matters most in today’s market: growing your brand!

Expand existing brands

From cultivators to retailers to manufacturers wanting to explore all new product categories, we help you scale your current brand. 

Start a new brand

For non-industry and aspiring cannapreneurs, we simplify and streamline the licensing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution processes.

Seamless market entry

Without up-front facility, equipment, and even labor costs, you can get your product launched and on the shelves faster and with less up-front startup capital.

Need a space to create? 

As cannabis start-up owners ourselves, we have unrivaled energy for supporting aspiring cannapreneurs.

With flexible memberships, you can use our state-of-the-art equipment and shared cannabis kitchen space. Even better, we help you get licensed faster and more cost-effectively with the support of California’s wholesale cannabis distribution to local retailers and delivery services.


How does MyGN Work?

We clear the path to legal cannabis manufacturing so you can focus on creating your dream cannabis product the way you want.


MyGN Applies for Your Type S License


Select Your Starting Membership Plan


Schedule Time, Produce Your Cannabis Product 


Sell your Product State-Wide, Legally

MyGN Work


MyGN Applies for Your Type S License


Select Your Starting Membership Plan


Schedule Time, Produce Your Cannabis Product 


Sell your Product State-Wide, Legally

Green Leader Testimonials



“As a licensed cannabis retailer looking to bring our house brands to market, it was a no brainer in partnering with My Green Network. You’d be foolish not to use them, it's the best and least expensive pathway to obtain a manufacturing license, start production, and maintain control with support from cannabis professionals and experts the whole way through.”


Ouid Confections

“My Green Network is the most cost effective, and quickest way to get into the legal cannabis industry. From applying for your license to manufacturing and launching, they have all of the necessary tools and resources to expedite the process.”


Minerva Products

"Their transparency and straight to the point business is what we love about them. Coupled with the fact that they are attorneys, they have gone above and beyond to help support us in all aspects of our business, from sourcing cannabis ingredients to business development, and consultation. We highly recommend their work, professionalism and expertise and would not have started in cannabis any other way."


Infused Creations

"We were a growing brand in California’s medical market years ago. When California legalized, I spent 3 years trying to get a cannabis license, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and ultimately didn’t get a license so I had to put my passion and dream for my own licensed cannabis brand on hold indefinitely. When I found My Green Network, they were a dream come true. For less than $50K, I got my license with no hassle and was able to re-launch my brand. If you're looking for the best way to go legal and affordably, this is the only way to go."

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Our Green Leaders

Partner with the premier cannabis manufacturer in California!

My Green Network is a one-stop shop for cannapreneur success. We’re often described as the willy-wonka of cannabis manufacturing with capabilities to infuse, package, or assemble any cannabis product you can think of.

Discover all we have to offer. We want to see your cannabis business succeed! 

Schedule a facility tour or discovery call now, and stay in-touch by connecting with MyGN on social media. 

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