The Top 4 Trends from Cannabis Manufacturing Companies in California

California is a state that’s synonymous with weed, having been the first to legalize its medicinal use. Now emerging as a frontrunner in the legal cannabis industry since legalizing adult-use in 2016. Of course, being the leader of any industry comes with a cost. From lack of consumer access to rising costs to falling prices, cannabis manufacturing companies in California have seen it all. 

From their experience, cannabis manufacturers in California are learning to ride the waves and still come out on top. So, if you’re considering entering the world of wholesale concentrates for California residents – what are the top things you should know? 

Keep reading to learn more about the current state of California wholesale cannabis distribution, cannabis manufacturing companies in California, and the thriving cannabis ecosystem, including market trends and economic impacts. 

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What’s New for Cannabis Manufacturers in California

From California cannabis gummies to wholesale concentrates, California is booming in growth for the products it offers. Here are the latest trends affecting cannabis manufacturers in California and what you should be doing to keep up. 


One of the most recent trends in wholesale concentrates in California is solventless. But not just solventless concentrates, like vapes or dabbables, but solventless edibles too. Solventless describes the art of extracting the plant’s resinous oil, and beneficial compounds, without the use of solvents. Which, in the case of cannabis extraction, typically includes butane or ethanol. Instead, temperature and pressure techniques are used to do so, ensuring California cannabis consumers a clean experience. 


Edibles are another market category that continue to evolve for California wholesale cannabis distribution. Now, consumers are seeking much more than just a “buzz” and are seeking more sophisticated or complex edibles to suit their preferences. This includes demand for high-end chocolates, edibles made with all-natural ingredients, and those for particular diets like gluten-free, sugar-free, etc. 

Terpene forward 

Speaking of sophistication, and education, consumers are now learning more about what contributes to cannabis’ unique effects. It’s not just cannabinoids like CBD, and THC, but the plant’s terpenes, too. Hence the rise of terpene forward cannabis products coming from cannabis manufacturers in California. 

With a rich tradition of cultivating high-quality marijuana, California boasts an abundance of boutique growers and artisanal brands that focus on unique strains and organic cultivation methods that can produce flower material high in terpenes for extraction and product manufacturing purposes. 

Sophisticated cannabinoids 

California’s cannabis market is as diverse as its population, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences. A notable trend is the increasing demand for premium, craft cannabis products that offer sophisticated combinations of cannabinoids. This includes a growing interest in  innovative consumption methods, such as edibles, concentrates, and vape cartridges, that offer the same cannabinoid combinations. For instance, the minor cannabinoid CBN, is rising in popularity for its sleep inducing effects. 

The market also reflects the rise of CBD-infused products, which appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking therapeutic benefits without psychoactive effects. 

How to Keep Up With California Cannabis Gummies + Other Trends

When it comes to keeping up with competition in California, the first part is knowing, and the second part is doing. But that’s where so many current brands or aspiring entrepreneurs struggle. They either have a hard time scaling their current business with concerns over startup costs and quality for launching… or have a great idea and are having trouble financing and navigating the complicated licensing landscape. 

That’s where cannabis manufacturing companies in California, like My Green Network (MyGN), come into play. Our type-s licensed, shared manufacturing facility allows cannapreneurs to manufacture their individual cannabis products in our shared kitchen space or via our white label cannabis or private label cannabis opportunities. 

Even more, by outsourcing the most important part of the product – manufacturing, you’ll have more time to focus on the crucial branding and marketing it takes to not just survive but thrive in the competitive market. All the while ensuring the quality of your new product launch, considering MyGN has state of the art equipment and is a leader in manufacturing top-shelf California cannabis gummies, edibles, solventless products, and more. 

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Cannabis Manufacturing Companies in California: The Final Word

Cannabis manufacturing companies in California are some of the most advanced in the country, due to their pioneering nature. With the largest population and biggest market overall, it continues to take its place as a leader in the cannabis industry as a whole. Meaning, if you consider your brand a leader in its own market and target audience – producing your own California cannabis gummies, or other brand products is a must. 

With federal legalization at the forefront of the future, brands are seamlessly expanding operations into California through white label and private label production. Learn more by scheduling a tour at Southern California’s premier cannabis co-packing and manufacturing facility, My Green Network. 

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