About My Green Network

At My Green Network, our mission is to be the world’s premier platform for cannabis innovation. 

Innovation comes from inspiration, inspiration comes from leaders, and putting leaders in a community exponentially multiplies the creativity effect. To achieve our mission, the solution is clear – how do we help more leaders enter the industry?

Who We Are

My Green Network is the premier cannabis commercial kitchen platform. Our goal is to completely revolutionize how leaders get licensed, manufacture, and operate in the cannabis industry making it simpler, faster, and affordable.

My Green Network Gets You Your Weed License in CaliforniaOur biggest measure of success is when we our members succeed in their cannabis business. My Green Network thrives on its Green Leaders creating their own cannabis brands within our shared cannabis kitchen.

We’re your comprehensive support network, your biggest cheerleader, and your experienced guide as you enter one of the most exciting industries in the world. We’re here to help you enter the commercial cannabis industry and more importantly – provide you the licenses, tools, and knowledge to be successful.

What We Do

There are three things we are confident we do better than everyone else.

  • Making getting a cannabis manufacturing license simple and affordable;
  • Providing cannabis commercial kitchens ready for production;
  • Providing a comprehensive network for any cannabis company’s practical needs to be successful.

Cannabis licensing can seem overwhelming and absurdly expensive, many times costing more than $1,000,000+ before getting to produce your first product. So we work directly with local governments to streamline processing and constantly improve our process to make city and state applications easy to approve.

Once you’ve received your own city and state licenses, you’ll select a membership (adjustable anytime), choose your cannabis commercial kitchen space, and begin producing. Our cannabis commercial kitchen will be one of your greatest advantages over your competitors. With a cannabis commercial kitchen you have access to commercial-grade equipment from the out-set without any additional costs.

Our network is practical, meaning we won’t be telling you “spend $100,000 here on this service that says they’ll make you successful but guarantees nothing, give away 20% of your product, sell off 49% of your company, buy this expensive tech, etc.” Instead, we focus on finding partners for our community that are practical and targeted towards your success.

How We Can Help You SucceedMy Green Network Member Working on Manufacturing their Infused Cannabis Products

What works for a company entering the industry backed by $100,000,000 is not going to work for someone entering with $1,000,000 let alone less than $100,000. Yet, the biggest challenge we constantly see new cannabis manufacturers face is the advice they are getting is not relevant to their situation.

We help you by providing a revolutionary platform for lean and green operators with competitive advantages enabling you to compete with multi-million-dollar companies at a fraction of the cost.

Your Type S cannabis licensing is done in-house by My Green Network’s expert cannabis licensing team. Memberships start as low as $1,450 a months. All memberships come with My Green Network’s full support behind you – from access to any of our spaces, commercial-grade equipment, licensed cannabis storage, members-only ingredient requisition services (cannabis and non-cannabis), METRC manufacturing training, immediate placement on The Green Spot, and much more. We’re constantly evolving our services to make entering the industry through My Green Network, faster, better, and easier to succeed. To top it off, memberships are flexible meaning you can scale up or down any time to minimize costs and maximize profits.

The multi-million-dollar companies have a lot more to worry about. With bigger capital expenditures up front, the greater the risk, liabilities, and consequences for the smallest of mistakes. With My Green Network, the only thing you will have to worry about is manufacturing the best cannabis product you can and selling it to people who you believe want it. We’ll take care of the rest. .

Welcome to Your Green Network

Want to learn more? We encourage you to reach out and speak with one of our community experts to schedule a tour and ask us questions on how to smartly get your cannabis manufacturing license and spin up your cannabis business faster than anywhere else.

Start smart, Go Green the Way You Want. We do the rest.