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Meet My Green Network, California’s leading edible and hash manufacturer.

Our 6-star Pledge

We’re not just manufacturers; we’re brand partners for successl

Going the extra mile to ensure smooth fulfillment and client satisfaction.

We help brands research and develop products in demand by consumers.

From start to finish you’re tuned into production timelines for the utmost transparency.

Our team has a diverse professional background allowing brand’s to utilize expert edible and solventless craftsmen more cost-effectively.

We’re not a factory focused on product output, but artisans and peers putting quality and our customers first.

Founded by attorneys, we dot our i’s and cross our t’s ensuring every batch is produced compliantly, mitigating risks for brands.

Our rigorous processes ensure product consistency to increase brand’s return customer loyalty.

Our Story of Success

Join industry leaders and passionate cannapreneurs at My Green Network.

6 Million Gummies Made

100,000+ lbs Flower Washed

Supported 45+ Brands

Brand your own 6-star product

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My Green Network - Cannabis Shared Kitchen