Can You White Label Cannabis? Your Ultimate Guide & Top FAQs!

The cannabis industry as we know it today is still in its early stages. Even though recreational or medical use is legal in the majority of states, the industry is ever-evolving and expanding. That includes increased market entry points through long-established practices like white labeling. 

White-label weed products are the latest trend among manufacturers, current licensees, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want in on the cash king, which is cannabis. Especially since the total US market is expected to reach $27.7 billion this year alone. 

So if you’re just now considering white label vs. licensing to launch your cannabis brand, it’s likely you have a list of questions to be answered. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the most common cannabis white label FAQs. Keep reading to learn more and for help finding a THC white label manufacturer in California to get started. 


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Common FAQs about Cannabis White Label California Edition

As the largest cannabis industry in the US, it’s no surprise that California is booming in consumer sales and business. If you’re interested in getting your brand on the shelves of California dispensaries and taking a share of these sales, check out these FAQs about white-label weed products as a first step.

Can you white-label cannabis? 

Yes. Just like in the grocery, health, and beauty spaces, white label cannabis manufacturers exist to produce white label weed products that can be branded by others. That means gummies, pre-rolls, concentrates, oils, and more, may be manufactured by one producer and labeled as a variety of brands. 

What does “white-label” cannabis mean? 

By definition, white label cannabis refers to a product that’s made by a manufacturer that multiple brands can brand as their own. White-label weed products give brands the opportunity to forego the costs of licensing, setting up facilities, and manufacturing a product, which can exceed a million dollars for some. Not to mention, this process often takes over a year instead of less than a year with the cannabis white label route. 

Is white-labeling legal? 

Yes. As long as the manufacturer that is producing the white label weed products is licensed to do so, white-labeling cannabis is legal in California. Of course, exact laws and regulations do vary by state, so be sure to research all of the production and sale regulations before moving forward with cannabis white labeling in other regions. 

What is the difference between a white label and a private label? 

In conversations about cannabis white labeling, you’ll also come across the term “private label.” Private label opportunities, cannabis-wise, allow a brand to partner with a THC white label manufacturer to produce its own unique product. For instance, if you brand cannabis white label gummies with a manufacturer, you’ll only be able to choose from their catalog of white label weed gummies. 

In comparison, if you decide to private label a product, you’ll have a say in its formulation, flavors, appearance, etc. This gives brands the opportunity to differ from competitors or put their own individual twist on a popular consumption method. 

Is white labeling profitable? 

Yes. In fact, because white labeling has lower start-up costs, it can be more profitable and faster than traditional licensing methods. Even more, this frees up time and capital to allow brands to focus on the launch and marketing of their products. It also helps to partner with a THC white-label manufacturer that has retail sales connections or support to increase early profits.

Do brands matter in cannabis? 

If you’re considering cannabis white labeling, you might also be wondering: Do brands really matter in cannabis or to cannabis consumers? The short answer is yes. With so many options for similar consumption methods (think pre-rolls, gummies, chocolates, etc.), it pays for brands to stand out from the crowd. 

As we just said, your team can do more to build your brand and plan for its launch and long-term success by taking advantage of cannabis white label opportunities. 

What are the benefits of white labeling? 

Outside of getting on the shelves faster, and having more time and money to establish your brand, there are other benefits of cannabis white labeling to considering, including – 

  • THC white label manufacturers reduce the stress, time, and costs associated with maintaining equipment and running operations.  
  • THC white label manufacturers control and maintain compliance, which is highly complex for cannabis products specifically. 
  • THC white label manufacturers can supply you access to high-quality material, equipment and expertise, that might otherwise cost a pretty penny to get your hands on as a startup brand. 

White-label vs. licensing: what’s the difference? 

The biggest difference between white label vs. licensing is an obvious one. There’s no license for one, and there’s a long, intensive application process for the other. Traditional licensing for infused products in California, and other states, typically includes a long list of requirements like past financials, business plans, facility drawings, etc. Not to mention, licensing won’t just require an initial application fee, but once an application is approved, additional licensing fees which range from $1,000 – $75,000 alone for manufacturing licenses. 


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Where to Find a THC White-Label Manufacturer

With the information you’ve gained today, you’re well equipped to start your white-label weed brand development. The only question left is: where can you find a THC white label manufacturer near you? 

In California, My Green Network (MGN) is the premier provider of private label opportunities cannabis-edition and white label manufacturing. We’ve helped launch over 20 brands this year alone, all with a wide variety of experience and backgrounds. From current licensees to former professionals, consumers with a dream, and budding entrepreneurs, we offer top-shelf white-label weed products to help every brand succeed! 

Learn more about MGN, business growth opportunities, and more by scheduling a discovery call with our team or a tour of our facility. Or, check out our full collection of educational guides and resources to start building your cannabis business now!