Another fun fact is that “cannabis tourism” is quickly becoming a thing.

Los Angeles had over 50 million tourists in 2018 essentially 5x-ing the potential consumer market where people visit just to try California cannabis – known as the “best weed in the world”.

This makes Los Angeles the most populated cannabis county in the United States with the most aggressive potential cannabis tourism in the world.

How to Easily Enter the Largest Edibles Market in the United States

So let’s recap. We said it and we mean it that Los Angeles is the largest edibles market in the United States, now and in the future.


In 2018, with only 9 recreationally legal states, a handful of medical states – cannabis products were being purchased every 8 seconds. In mature legal cannabis states (those that have legalized and operated for several years), more than 50% of their sales were from edibles.


This is heavily influenced by a clear trend by Americans to NOT smoke + edibles have the highest profit margins in the cannabis industry.

Let’s couple it with the purchasing power and the size of the edibles market.

Purchasing power – California economy vs all other Countries – ranked 5th in the world ensuring plenty of money to spend.

Population – California vs all other states – Rank #1 beating 2nd place Texas by over 26% with almost 40 million population.

Cannabis Sales – California vs all other states – #1 in America beating the longest running cannabis market (Colorado) by 60% in less than 1 year.

Los Angeles edibles market – Los Angeles county has over 8 million potential consumers 21+ making it the largest cannabis market in the United States.

This means that entering the Los Angeles edibles market is an immediate opportunity to be part of the future largest edibles market in the United States.

The best part? It’s pretty easy to enter this market.

You don’t need to be the Wrigley billionaire or the Arizona Tea with millions of dollars of funding. You don’t even need $100,000.

Through My Green Network and its Cannabis Coworking platform – the costs to enter the largest edibles market is affordable, guaranteed, and easy. You’re also only 20 minutes away from Los Angeles situated in the largest edibles market in the United States, now and in future.

We already did all the heavy lifting and evened the playing field making it so you jump ahead of everyone else (including those billionaires) with a complete support system dedicated to your success.