What Cannabis Companies Can and Should do During the COVID-19 Outbreak

What a company does under pressure is a true reflection of the company culture that has been built over the years. Human nature under stress can shatter relationships, test the resiliency of bonds, or forge steel-clad communities. The COVID-19 Outbreak is a time for companies to identify which of the three they are – and an opportunity to become stronger.

The end of 2019 and early-2020 caused the cannabis industry to pull the e-brake on progress and try to slow down enough to correct its course. Interestingly enough, the current time is actually the best the cannabis industry has been doing over the last several months of corrections.

From a medical standpoint, cannabis remains an essential product while from a recreational standpoint – drinking alone at home seems socially unacceptable to some – but getting high and chilling out is a norm – so what better way to pass the time?

For cannabis companies, this means that:

  • Customers are going to need cannabis during this time
  • Retailers will need to follow the same as any other store open to the public
  • Manufacturers, distributors, labs, and cultivators need to take extra precautions but keep supplying the front lines

What Cannabis Companies Should Do During the COVID Outbreak

We asked several of our partners and also implemented our own regulations for the safety of our employees and products, and wanted to share what we’ve done and asked if anyone has some additional tips to share!

  1. Stagger Employee Schedules – For us open 24/7, this means that those shifts you couldn’t really utilize before – now is a time to make use of the fact that non-public operations can stagger the work schedule to ensure social distancing
  2. Let people work from home, if possible – Our accounting, email, and marketing have fully transitioned to an online platform which, has actually made us more efficient and flexible
  3. Use Video conferencing – add-in video conferencing as much as possible, this allows for human interaction for both customers and staff to allow for people to see each other and see “you’re not alone”
  4. Start the day with a simple roll-call and ask everyone how they are doing – We’ve forged stronger bonds by making sure each of us follows up with each other every day at least once to make sure everyone is safe, healthy, and functioning. Remember, everyone is supposed to be at home, quarantined, and unable to really go out and do their social activities – it helps just to have someone care
  5. Implement new technologies where possible – Remember that case tracking program you couldn’t get to work? or the time tracking software? Now is the time.
    Of course, we follow the CDC rules for operations, but it’s always a good idea to see how we not just “comply” but “comply and IMPROVE” our business at the current time.

Those who are prepared and continuing to improve during this time will see the greatest results after all of this is said and done.

James Shih, co-founder of MyGN also talked about the cannabis industry during the COVID-19 on Investor Ideas podcast interview.

So Stay Strong, look to the future, and Go Green the Way You Want.