Finding a Cannabis Kitchen Near Me: What to Look For & Best Practices

It’s not just big-time producers with easy access to capital who are hitting the cannabis edibles shelves. In today’s cannabis market, solopreneurs and small-time brands are able to tap into the growing market just as easily. Many, getting their start in shared canna kitchens.

These innovative facilities make it possible for aspiring infused product manufacturers to enter the market without hefty start-up costs for things like cannabis kitchen equipment. In addition, to streamlining the process of receiving cannabis infusion (e.g. cooking) licenses, from the city and state in which they operate.

So, if you have dreams of becoming the next best edible manufacturer in California, this is the guide for you. Keep reading to learn more about canna kitchens, and how to find a commercial cannabis kitchen for rent near you.

commercial cannabis kitchen for rent

What is a Canna Kitchen? 

In general, a “canna kitchen” refers to a kitchen where THC edibles are made or sometimes refers to an establishment where they can be consumed. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be discussing the term in reference to edible manufacturing since that’s the definition that’s rising in use and popularity the most. 

Shared cannabis kitchens are similar to commercial kitchen spaces that caterers or small-batch producers would rent for the culinary and food industries. Of course, with cannabis, you’ll need a special license to do so, which in California is the Type-S license. This allows a Type-S licensee to make their cannabis-infused product in the facility of a primary Type-S licensee. 

These canna kitchens will vary from location to location, but for the most part, they are equipped with all the cannabis kitchen equipment you need to get started making a variety of edibles. Including – 

  • Gummies
  • Chocolates
  • Baked goods
  • Candies
  • and beyond

All in all, cannabis kitchens are ideal for budding entrepreneurs who just need the space and guidance to get their start in the budding cannabis industry. So, now that you know more about what a canna kitchen is, let’s learn more about how to get started on building your own cannabis cooking company. 


How to Start a Cannabis Cooking Company

To start your own cannabis cooking company that produces THC-infused edibles, you should first start with a detailed business plan. The business plan should include

  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Market analysis
  • Organization and management
  • Product line
  • Marketing and sales
  • Financial projections

Many business plans will also include a request for funding. For cannabis, most entrepreneurs have to get a bit creative with restrictions on federal funding due to the current Schedule 1 classification of the plant. Canna kitchens, fortunately, allow entrepreneurs to enter the market at a much lower cost than traditional licensing and production startups.

When you work with a well-established commercial cannabis kitchen for rent, you also get a partner with experience who can help you navigate the complicated world of legal cannabis. For example, My Green Network has a streamlined process for METRC track and trace (which is required by the state), compliant packaging and labeling, and even connections for seamless retail or delivery sales.

That means taking your time to vet canna kitchens is also highly recommended. So, last but not least, let’s review what to look for when choosing a canna kitchen to begin your journey as an infused product manufacturer on the right foot.


Finding a Reputable Cannabis Kitchen Near Me

Like most things in cannabis, not every canna kitchen can be treated the same. Each will vary depending on their own capabilities, prior success, cannabis kitchen equipment, and other factors that will affect the quality, compliance, and sales of your end product.

So, next, let’s cover the most important things to look for when selecting a commercial cannabis kitchen for rent to use for your edible manufacturing.

  1. Experience – Because the cannabis industry is highly regulated, it’s recommended to select a canna kitchen that’s well-versed in the regulatory agency’s requirements. Even the most minor infractions can turn into major consequences, like license suspension, revocation or hefty fines. You’ll also want to explore or inquire, on a canna kitchen or shared facility’s ability to source material, like solventless rosin that’s quickly rising in consumer demand.
  2. Equipment – For infused product manufacturers, not just any kitchen will do. It pays to be sure the canna kitchen you select has state-of-the-art equipment to help craft the highest quality edibles possible, consistently without mechanical errors or issues. As an example, not every facility will have a sugar tumbler, or a Baker Perkins depositor, one of the most advanced gummy manufacturing machines available on the market today.
  3. Sales – So, you have your edibles produced… now what? Some canna kitchens and Type-S shared facilities will offer retail placement support, which is incredibly beneficial for newcomers to the scene that often struggle with breaking into cannabis storefronts. Some will also offer introductions to other cannabis companies in need of white-label and private-label services.

All in all, commercial cannabis kitchens for rent are fairly new to the scene, so trust and credibility should remain high on your list of priorities when selecting which to use for your cannabis cooking company.

Canna Kitchens: The Final Word

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so will its accessibility and the players that can get into the game. So, why not be the one to score big by becoming an edible manufacturer in California with canna kitchens? 

My Green Network is the premier cloud cannabis kitchen and Type-S facility that facilitates cannapreneurs’ dreams of getting their goods on store shelves. We help our Green Leaders with every step of the process, from getting a license to making the product, from packaging to labeling, and even with business growth opportunities like cannabis white labeling and retail placement.

If you’re interested in finding a “cannabis kitchen near me” or exploring cannabis white-label products with the reputation and experience you need to succeed, look no further. Download My Green Network’s complete guide on How to Start an Edibles Business in California now, or schedule a discovery call to meet our team and learn more!