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Welcome to the Green Network 

The Green Network is our cannabis community of licensed cannabis businesses from retailers to testing labs and cultivators. We curate high-end services and partnerships to immediately launch cannabis entrepreneurs with the right partners.

Our goal is to always provide top tier service with partners looking to create a stronger, stable cannabis industry. We value communication, integrity, and transparency from both ourselves and the companies we work with.

Artisan's Corner (Retail)

Artisan's Corner is MyGN's digital catalog for retail partners that truly believe in the power of community. Retailers that carry Artisan's Corner are dedicated to supporting local artisans, small business, and minority-owned business.

Artisan's Corner products are currently produced in Santa Ana by local artisan's driven to create their dream cannabis products. If you're looking for unique, hand-crafted products that refuse to compromise on the consumer experience - you're in the right place.

Artisan's Corner (Distributor)

Our digital catalog is meant for fair, transparent pricing for our resellers. We work with distributors that are committed to good business practices. Our distributor network is growing daily and currently covers all of California.

Looking to Become a Partner? Request Our Artisan's Corner Catalog. 

Cannabis Incubators, Consultants, Business Networks

MyGN Pylon Platform

The definition of a Pylon is a "vertical supporting structure." At MyGN we created the Pylon Platform to specifically support cannabis incubators, consultants, and business networks in providing the missing puzzle pieces for their clients:

(1) A trusted and affordable route to acquire a cannabis license; and

(2) A production ready, compliant cannabis shared-use space.

We partner with cannabis leaders who are serious about creating successful cannabis businesses. 


Looking to work with MyGN?

We're committed to quality and sustainable business practices to help small business and cannabis artisans. We look for vendors that we like to work with and are transparent in how they work. We're always looking for strong partners to grow with understanding that our community of small business owners, craft cannabis, and artisan's are growing with you.

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Our Growing Green Network

The Green Network is our network of clients, partners, vendors, distributors and more. As the Green Network grows, we're building the cannabis industry's best cannabis network of businesses that operate with integrity, transparency, and do business the right way.

Go Green The Way You Want. We do the Rest.

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