Live Rosin Gummies & Live Rosin Carts: How to Capitalize on the Trends!

Live rosin… It’s what everyone is talking about! As consumers become more educated on all things cannabis, we’re beginning to see a shift towards clean weed and strain specific benefits. Both of which, live rosin can offer in what some say is the purest, most unrefined extract. 

So, what is the live rosin definition, what are the current live rosin prices, and how can you launch your own live rosin carts and live rosin gummies to join the trend? Keep reading for the answers to these questions, and more with our ultimate guide to cannabis live rosin! 

The Rosin Definition 

First things first – what’s the true definition of rosin? Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate that uses only minimal heat and pressure to extract the oil from trichomes found on cannabis plant material. Trichomes are the resinous glands that make cannabis flower “sticky icky” and contain the plant’s beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that add to its effects. Think of the solventless process like squeezing a grape, where the juices flow. 

In comparison, other concentrates are extracted using solvent based methods with harmful chemicals like butane, propane, or ethanol. So, you can see just how rosin is on the side of the clean weed movement, using only natural sources (such as heat and pressure) to extract the plant’s precious compounds. 

Live Rosin vs Live Resin 

So, next up in our ultimate guide to live rosin – what exactly does live rosin mean, and what’s the difference between live rosin vs live resin? Let’s start with the “live” terminology. Live in rosin or resin refers to the plant material that’s extracted being fresh, and frozen at the time of extraction. 

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, for flower and most products, plants are harvested, then dried and cured. Drying and curing is a process that’s used to extract excess moisture from the plant, not only for the smoke ability but also for shelf stability and preservation. For “live” products, the plant material is frozen at the time of harvest, instead of dried and cured, which preserves the compounds at the peak of their freshness. 

The key difference is the fact that live rosin is solventless. Or uses ice water to extract the precious trichomes that contain the plant’s resinous oils. While live resin, always uses a volatile solvent-based (like butane, propane, or ethanol) extraction process. 

Cannabis Live Rosin in Today’s Market 

As we mentioned in the intro, consumers are increasingly becoming more educated about how cannabis products are made, and what exactly is inside. Coinciding with organic and clean trends in food, beauty, and household goods, consumers are increasingly seeking out solventless products – especially live rosin. 

In a recent consumer report, industry analytics not only point to a rise in concentrate use and sales but the fact that preferences are shifting towards live rosin goods. With 46% or respondents reporting live resin or rosin as their preferred concentrate. 

Even better for operators, or aspiring entrepreneurs, live rosin prices are some of the highest in the market, too. Ranging anywhere from $45 – $100/gram. From rising google search trends, to growing sales, the most popular rosin goods today include – 

  • Live rosin gummies
  • Live rosin cartridges
  • Live rosin concentrates
  • Live rosin infused pre-rolls and hash holes

So, how can you launch into one of the fastest growing cannabis product categories? Next, we’ll cover market entry opportunities to get your rosin on shelves, fast. 

How to Launch Live Rosin Gummies and Live Rosin Carts 

To launch live rosin gummies or live rosin carts onto the market today, you’ll need to – 

  1. Get licensed
  2. Secure the equipment and space for manufacturing and storage
  3. Source frozen bud for rosin
  4. Have the know how to extract high quality material
  5. Package, label and store within regulations
  6. Secure retailer sources 

But let us remind you – live rosin extraction for the cleanest, smoothest, and purest product is somewhat of an art form. From the quality and type of frozen bud for rosin you use to the cadence in processing, and the way its stored and packaged, all goes into a quality experience for the end-user. 

Which is why so many solventless or live rosin brands you see on the shelves today are outsourced to cannabis contract manufacturers with experience and expertise in the process. Through white label, private label, and shared manufacturing opportunities (we have the equipment; you use it!) cannabis brands are able to launch more quickly, and successfully. 

Outsourcing the manufacturing of your live rosin gummies or live rosin cartridges gives you the unique advantage of – 

  • Shifting attention and capital towards marketing your product launch or brand
  • Launching onto the market with a high-quality product that increases customer loyalty and retention
  • A network of retailers and distributors to tap into
  • Reduced risk from experienced compliance and regulatory requirements 

Of course, the caveat is – you have to find a live rosin manufacturer that can walk the walk, and talk the talk. So be sure to vet any potential contract cannabis manufacturers you entertain with the tips we compiled here! 

My Green Network – Your Cannabis Live Rosin Source 

If you’re in the California cannabis community, it’s likely you’ve experienced My Green Network’s live rosin or solventless goods – without even knowing! My Green Network is southern California’s premier Type-S licensed facility that offers cannabis white label, private label, and shared manufacturing opportunities. 

Located in, or already licensed in, California? Schedule a tour of our facility to get familiar with our live rosin capabilities in person. Already an established rosin brand out of state, or out of the country? Expand into the US’ biggest market with less start up costs, and without compromising quality – schedule a discovery call with our team to find out more! 

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