Our Philosophy

We focus on quality, communication, and consistency. Our goal is to elevate our partners brands with the best solventless extracts without any compromise on quality.

Live Rosin

Every strain is different. We tailor the best micron layers to create our premium ice water hash blend for the smoothest smoke and best terpene profiles. We then press at the lowest temperature possible to create our fresh pressed live rosin and cold cure.

From Paddle to Press

We only source fresh frozen from California's best farms with strict quality control protocols to ensure buds are properly trimmed, frozen, packaged, and arrive ready to wash. We then hand paddle every fresh frozen cannabis strain with our multiple filtration reverse-osmosis ice and water tested by cannabis labs. We then freeze dry everything with pharmacuetical grade machinery to create our ice water hash. From there, we'll carefully sift, press, and then create our preimum and food grade blends of live rosin fresh press and cold cure for our partner brands. 

Live Rosin Fresh Press
Cold Cure
Fresh Press
Live Rosin Cold Cure

Live Rosin Grades

Premium Grade

Our premium grade ice water hash and live rosin is strain-specific curated by our in-house master extractor to ensure the ultimate smoking experience. We focus on bringing out the best terpene profile with the smoothest smoke. 

Food Grade

Our food grade ice water hash and live rosin is a custom blend to bring out the natural flavors of each strain to pair with infusions for food and other cannabis products. 

Fresh Frozen Cannabis

Never Dry-Sifted, Never Re-Hydrated, Always Fresh

We take pride in knowing we are producing some of California's best (true) live rosin. To ensure that the end consumer always gets the best smoke, we never use dry flower, re-hydrate, or take short-cuts. We only use fresh-frozen cannabis straight from the farm frozen from beginning to end to retain the best trichomes and terpene profiles. If you're looking for quality live rosin without compromise, we've got you.