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Oui'd Confections

About Oui'd Confections

Oui’d Confections is a high-end edible company owned and operated by Michelin and James Beard Award winning chefs. Matthew Kim and Matt Rowbotham bring their professional cooking experience to the world of cannabis edibles and offer an elevated experience with their restaurant quality confections.

Oui'd Confections

What We Are About


Our combined restaurant experiences can be seen in every detail of our products. From the flavors and visuals of the confections, to the quality of our packaging, everything has intention. Oui’d Confections is raising the standard.

High Quality

Oui’d confections uses pure fruit purees, bean to bar chocolate, and solventless cannabis extract. You will never find distillate in our products.


The experience you get with rosin is very level headed and even keeled. When you take one of our edibles, you will feel clean and clear and not weighed down.

Oui'd Confections Products

Oui'd Confections Products