What’s Right For You? Private Label Cannabis vs White Label: The Top Benefits

Across the retail and product industries, white-label and private-label goods are common practices. In other words, one manufacturer creates a commodity (think food, toiletries, etc.), and a variety of brands label it as their own. 

So, if you’ve ever come across an “off-brand” item that you think tastes or works just the same as the original, it’s likely you’re right. As the cannabis industry matures, so do the practices it borrows from other successful markets, including the use of private label and white label manufacturing, as we just described. 

White label cannabis and private label cannabis manufacturing are now on the rise in the most mature cannabis industries, including California. Why? Because it not only offers consumers consistent, quality products but also allows current licensees to expand their product portfolios, non-cannabis brands to capitalize on market growth, and aspiring cannapreneurs to get their start that much more seamlessly. 

If you fall into any of these categories or have an out-of-state or out-of-country cannabis brand you’d like to expand, white label and private label opportunities are ideal for entry into the California market. So, which is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about white label cannabis and private label cannabis manufacturing and the benefits of both.

What is white label cannabis? 

White label cannabis manufacturing is exactly the practice we described in our introduction. For cannabis, it means one licensed manufacturer manufactures a portfolio of cannabis product types that can be individually branded. The most unique part of cannabis white labeling is that the brand does not own a cannabis license. 

The main disadvantage of white label cannabis is that you’ll have no control over the formulation or production of the product. However, for some entrepreneurs, this could also be an advantage. Especially when you’ve tested the white-label product, know its quality, and can take the stress and efforts of product manufacturing off your plate. 

In fact, even current manufacturers and licensees are seeking out white label producers to manufacture new product lines that align with their quality standards because they don’t necessarily have the expertise or experience in manufacturing themselves. For example, cultivators white-labeling vape carts, or concentrate brands white-labeling edibles. 

Another disadvantage associated with certain white-label cannabis manufacturers is a limit on product types. i.e., some might specialize in white-label cannabis edibles but can’t produce vape carts, concentrates, or pre-rolls. So, if you want to keep growing your brand, it’s best to find a white-label cannabis manufacturer like My Green Network that can offer a wide range of products. 

What is private label cannabis? 

Now let’s talk about private label cannabis. Unlike white labeling, private labeling allows brands to take part in the formulation of their products. This means the product they produce is unique to their brand. Unlike white label products, where the only thing that differs is the branding and not the formula. 
Taking this route gives you just as many options, like private-label edibles, concentrates, vape carts, topicals, pre-rolls, etc. It just gives you the advantage of having more control over the end-product. Similar to white labeling, a benefit of private labeling is starting with a quality base formula that’s already established in terms of ingredients, recipes, and manufacturing processes. This helps reduce the time and money spent on these necessary steps for launching new products.
Last but certainly not least, private label cannabis manufacturing gives brands a way to stand out from the competition on the shelves by adding their own unique twist to common goods.  

Benefits of Private Label Cannabis and White Label Cannabis

Unlike food or toiletries, recreational cannabis goods aren’t a necessity, they’re a luxury for most. Even more, the consumer community is high on culture and connection and more closely connected to brands and experiences than most. Finally, we’d be remiss without mentioning – there are a plethora of options for each product category, making brand loyalty that much more crucial.  

So, to make it in the industry, the branding and quality of your product have to be on point. After one bad experience, that customer likely won’t be back, and without proper brand awareness and messaging, how will they even know to choose your brand over others? 

This is where the major benefits of white-label cannabis and private-label cannabis come into play. 

  1. White label or private label opportunities give entrepreneurs the time and costs saved to devote towards launching their brand successfully versus focusing on the manufacturing of the product. 
  2. Choosing a reputable private label and white label cannabis manufacturer allows you to put a quality product on the shelf, from the start. Helping brands avoid the inevitable bumps in the road that come with entering a new market for the first time, therefore increasing brand loyalty. 
  3. Speaking of reputable white label and private label cannabis manufacturers, another major benefit they can provide specifically is a direct route to retail or delivery services. Further supporting a new brand’s ability to get onto shelves, and in front of consumers for purchase. 
  4. As for existing cannabis brands or non-cannabis brands, these reputable manufacturers also give entrepreneurs the ability to maintain their level of quality or standards across various products. For example, a high-end candy company can replicate their luxury status with an equally high-end edible. Or, cultivators can equally match their top-shelf flower, with a top-shelf solventless vape cart. 

MyGN: The Premier White Label and Private Label Manufacturer

As you can imagine, in every industry, there are bound to be differences from one white-label cannabis manufacturer to the next. There are those who prioritize quantity over quality, and there are those who don’t. There are those with the equipment, facility, and capacity to keep up with supply and demand, and there are those who don’t. 

So, in addition to learning which might be right for you white label cannabis or private label cannabis—you’ve also learned the importance of choosing the right manufacturer for the complex industry. 

But don’t stop here! Continue your exploration of white-label or private-label opportunities. Schedule a tour of the My Green Network facility in Orange County or learn more from anywhere with a discovery call today.