Santa Ana’s New Cannabis Law will Make the City a Cannapreneur Mecca. Here’s Why.

Cannapreneurs using California's Shared-Use Manufacturing License will see Biggest Benefits  

A new cannabis ordinance is set to make Santa Ana, Orange County’s 1st legal cannabis city, the best city in California for cannapreneurs.

Over the past few years, My Green Network has been working with Santa Ana's hard-working city staff and council. The new ordinance will create a truly beneficial environment for shared-use manufacturing using California's Type S License. Amazing organizations such as Orange County Advocacy Alliance and Santa Ana cannabis businesses have made it possible. 

Santa Ana's proposed cannabis laws, if passed, will make the City the top destination for cannapreneurs to utilize shared-use manufacturing.

Here's why.

1.    Shared-Use Manufacturing Taxes Set at 1% 

Shared-Use Manufacturing taxes will be set at 1%. This means shared-use manufacturers in Santa Ana will have one of California's lowest cannabis manufacturing taxes.

2.   Shared-Use Manufacturing SqFt. Taxes Set at ZERO 

Shared-use manufacturers will pay ZERO square footage taxes in Santa Ana. Compare this to other cannabis licenses state-wide that pay square footage tax even if they are losing money. Small businesses, cannapreneurs, and startups in Santa Ana will only pay city taxes when making sales. 

3.   Distribution Taxes Lowered from 6% to 1%

     Distribution will be set to 1% which means more distributors will start shifting their business to Santa Ana. Expect lowered distribution fees. Santa Ana is also strategically located with access to all of southern California (from San Diego to LA).  Santa Ana is set to become southern California’s hub for all cannabis distribution. 

4.   Retail Taxes Lowered from 8% to 7%, Potential 2% Tax Rebate

     Retail taxes will be reduced by 1% dropping from 8% to 7%. Retail stores that follow community benefits plan to pay prevailing wages and hire local will potentially see an additional 2% tax rebate. 

5.   Employee Livescans Finally Removed  

Previously, hiring employees required a livescan and almost a 30 day delay for badges to be issued. Cannabis businesses lost thousands of potential employees as a result. Shared-use manufacturers will now be able to hire faster, locally, and save money while getting better talent. 

6.   Owner Livescan Matches State Laws  

Previously, Santa Ana's livescan requirements were stricter than State laws deterring hundreds of potential cannabis owners. Shared-Use manufacturers can now apply with cannabis charges and convictions which would be approved by state law.

7.   1st City in Orange County to Allow Cannabis Consumption Events and Festivals  

Santa ana will be the first city in Orange County to allow cannabis consumption events and festivals. Being a shared-use manufacturer in Santa Ana means you'll be first priority for all events.  

8.   1st City in Orange County to Enable Collaborative Events between the City and Santa Ana Cannabis Licensees  

Santa Ana is enabling the City to coordinate cannabis festivals with its locally licensed cannabis businesses. Imagine a city-wide, Santa Ana 4/20 event with all local brands and retailers.  

9.   1st City in Orange County to Allow Cannabis Consumption Lounges

All Santa Ana retail stores can build attached cannabis consumption lounges. Think cannabis nightclubs, bars, cannagar bars, cafes, and a whole lot more. Expect shared-use manufactuers with unique products servicing these lounges to get the leg up. Ready-to-eat infused products? Here we come.  

10.   1st City in Orange County to Allow Cannabis Consumption Demonstration Rooms

Local dispensaries that do not have the space to create a lounge will be able to host educational and small tasting events in designated demonstration areas. Cannabis tasting flights? Senior medicinal cannabis education events? Veteran appreciation days? Expect a lot of very interesting and positive add-ons to Santa Ana's dispensaries.  

11.   All Retail Stores Given Medical and Adult-Use Designation 

A My Green Network Type-S License allows for shared-use manufacturers to create both medical and adult-use cannabis products. Either way you choose, all Santa Ana dispensaries can buy your products for their consumers. 

Summarizing it Up

Basically, shared-use manufacturers who get a Type S License in Santa Ana will be able to take advantage of the new laws and complete lack of unique cannabis products in the market.

They can enter the cannabis industry faster than anywhere else, pay the lowest taxes in California, have the best location in southern California to sell and distribute their cannabis products, and participate in Orange County's ONLY city to allow cannabis consumption lounges and festivals. 

Santa Ana has just become the best place to start a California cannabis business

Add onto the fact that My Green Network  offers the lowest cost to acquire a cannabis manufacturing license in the State, flexible memberships, guaranteed placement for licensed delivery, and more - It's clear. 

Santa Ana is set to become the mecca for cannapreneurs, shared-use manufacturing, and therefore - cannabis product innovation. 

Get Ready. Set. Go Green the Way You Want. We do the Rest.