The Top Benefits of Solventless Extraction – How to Leverage Trends

As well-established as some legal cannabis markets may seem, it’s easy to forget the industry as a whole is still in its infancy. This is demonstrated by the transformation of concentrates over a few years. 

When concentrates first came out on the market, consumers were simply enthralled with extraction capabilities, in general, and the potency and purity of said extracts. As quickly as concentrates rose in popularity, however, consumers began to wonder how exactly these precious concentrates came to be. 

As consumers collectively realized their concentrates weren’t so “don’t panic, it’s organic” as they thought…and realized they were extracted using harmful, dangerous solvents - the whole product category began to shift. 

Today, solventless rosin and solventless carts, are the most highly sought-after, most elite cannabis goods on the shelves today. For the simple facts that they’re made more naturally, for a nature-loving target audience, and that they taste better, and work better, too. 

So, if you’re considering entering the cannabis industry or looking to shift your strategic goals to capture the largest growing purchasing group, what do you need to know about the state of solventless extracts in the current market? 

Keep reading for the ultimate guide to solventless vs. solvent-based extraction, as they exist in the world of cannabis today. In this guide, we will answer questions like, “What is solventless live rosin?” And, “is solventless better?” As well as covering all of the latest trends, statistics, and benefits of solventless extraction you'll need to know to make your next move. 

The Solventless Meaning

In cannabis, the term "solventless" describes an extraction method that’s done without a solvent. This is compared to solvent-based extractions, which use substances or solvents like hydrocarbons or butane hash oil (AKA BHO), CO2, alcohol, and ethanol to extract the oil from the flower biomass.  

After the solvent-based extraction process is done, the remaining solvent must be removed so that the final product is safe to consume. This is a critical step in the process that distinguishes solvent-based extracts from solventless extracts in terms of manufacturing and consumer safety.

With solventless extraction, water, ice, heat, and pressure are used to extract the precious oil from the cannabis flower by gathering the trichomes. This means consumers are able to enjoy the oil in its purest, finest form. Solventless rosin is now thought to be one of the best products on the market because it most closely matches how the plant's compounds were made in the first place. Particularly amongst cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for the best of the best. 

Solventless extracts capture the whole-plant essence of cannabinoids in taste, aroma, and effects. To do so, cultivators harvest their flower and flash-freeze the crop immediately to harness the plant at the peak of its freshness. That is, before drying and curing processes alter their original profile, and with a gentle solventless process that preserves their integrity as much as possible. 

Benefits of Solventless Extraction

Beyond the obvious differences and benefits of solventless extraction and solvent-based extraction for consumers, what are some of the benefits of getting into the solventless rosin business? For potential cannapreneurs, there are a few specific solventless market entry benefits to consider, too, including - 

  • Solventless extraction equipment costs less than complex solvent-based equipment. 
  • Solvent-based manufacturing is also highly dangerous to operate and requires an increased amount of training. 
  • Solventless products are easily white-labeled, privately labeled, or ideal for Type-S licensing and manufacturing, with shared-use facilities. This gives owners and operators ease of access to a facility well-equipped for the process and access to high-quality fresh frozen flower that is already known to be optimal for solventless extraction. 

Last but not least, because consumers consider solventless live rosin, edibles, vape carts, and goods “the best of the best,” they command a higher price point overall. This gives your business a higher return on investment (ROI) and better margins in the end. 

benefits of solventless extraction

Trends and What Lies Ahead for Solventless Extraction

As for sales, what type of numbers are we talking about in regard to growth? Let’s take a look at some of the most recently reported statistics surrounding solventless carts and extracts - 

  • In June 2022, cannabis market analyst firm BDSA released data that showed the solventless vape rosin product category sale spiked 1405% over the year prior. 
  • Furthermore, between June 2021 and June 2022, the category grew on average by 132% each month.
  • In California, solventless products produced by just one brand (Jetty Extracts) make up 55% of the state’s market.

It’s the most recent development in California that has solidified solventless extracts as the future of cannabis. In November, the state announced that solventless extraction methods could now be certified under its OCal Program. The OCal program will offer certifications for products that have been cultivated and manufactured with ‘comparable to organic’ processes and standards that the state already uses for other industries. 

is solventless better

Is solventless better? The final word

To finish, and to answer the straightforward question: is solventless better? We’d answer with a confident yes, from both a consumer and a manufacturing standpoint. More and more cannabis companies are now rolling out their own solventless lines, whether they are already in the industry or not. 

Even more, considering it’s already considered the most top-shelf, natural, and safe extract to consume, there’s no reason to think solventless rosin goods will be going anywhere anytime soon in the eyes of consumers. 

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