What are the Benefits of a Cannabis Shared Kitchen?

A cannabis shared kitchen, also known as a cannabis cloud kitchen is where cannabis manufacturers coincide together to create and manufacture cannabis products in a centralized facility. If you can make it, bake it, or create it, chances are you can do so at a commercial level through a cannabis-shared kitchen.

Here’s the inside scoop, many small business owners, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the beneficial components that come alongside a shared cannabis kitchen. They often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment and facilities before ever selling a single product.

A shared cannabis kitchen facility is equipped with commercial-grade equipment to give manufacturers the leg up to create larger batches when creating a product without the crippling overhead. While in-home kitchens are a great way to produce your first product – it is mandatory to have access to a licensed manufacturing facility to be able to legally sell your products.

What is the Cost for Cannabis BusinessGet your own California Cannabis Manufacturing License

California’s DCC, also known as the Department of Cannabis Control regulates all licensing and commercial cannabis activity and manufacturing in California. In 2018, the DCC created the Type-S Cannabis Manufacturing License– allowing the creation of cannabis shared kitchens.

The biggest advantage is that when properly executed, each operator in a cannabis shared kitchen will get their own cannabis manufacturing license.

To frame it properly, if you had a choice between starting your own mocktail business vs owning an alcohol license to produce and sell hard liquor – which would you prefer? The Type S Cannabis Manufacturing License is the hard-liquor license giving opening the doors to the exclusive THC recreational/medical cannabis industry.

Get Access to Commercial-Grade Equipment & Facilities

Our shared cannabis facilities are perfect for individuals who are at-home manufacturers wanting to branch out into commercial cannabis manufacturing, as well as companies that are doing small production looking to scale, grow, and expand their business.

Being a My Green Network member means you get immediate access to facilities and commercial-grade equipment you normally would not have access to. We carefully review, perform due diligence, and select tried-and-true equipment which is purposely designed for cannabis manufacturing. If you need something special? That’s great! Our members are also allowed to bring in their own commercial-grade equipment to use during production.

All equipment within the facility can be transported and stored. or rented at a set price per day. Meaning, you will never have to worry about the “what-if’s” during your manufacturing process while creating your products in our cannabis cloud kitchen.

As a My Green Network member, you Weed License in California through a Shared Cannabis Kitchen receive immediate full access to our entire facilities as well, including conference rooms, production rooms, packaging rooms, storage rooms, etc. In addition, each business will also receive a storage locker to keep their materials in a temperature-controlled and safe environment while you are not on site.

Production, Distribution, and Experience All in One Place

Get all of your manufacturing, distribution, and experience to succeed all in one place. The cannabis industry is a nascent industry in which experience and education play a huge role in ensuring your products hit the market compliantly and saving time, money, and resources.

We have a saying in the cannabis industry – every year in cannabis is like a dog year.

Here’s an interesting fact, only licensed cannabis distributors can request the final state compliance test for a cannabis product. That means normally, a cannabis manufacturer cannot do their own state compliance – they must hire a distributor to request that test from a licensed testing lab.

Many new cannabis manufacturers are laser-focused on production thinking they’ll address issues as it comes along. However, in the cannabis manufacturing industry, even a small mistake can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes this is completely out of your control. Here’s a prime example and some free advice:

Ever wonder why 99% of cannabis products you find at the dispensary have stickers with the THC quantity, description, etc.? You have definitely thought “this would look so much nicer if they just printed everything on the package.” 

In 2019, the state of California changed labeling requirements and over the last 3 years, it has made multiple modifications such as placement, sticker size, font size, additional label information, etc. As a result, cannabis manufacturers produced their products then because they could not do their own state testing without a distribution license – they sent the products to a licensed distributor for final testing and distribution. Every time California changed labeling laws, the cannabis manufacturers lost millions of dollars because they had to recall and redo their packages, pay the licensed distributor to sticker their old packages, or just throw out their old packaging.

At My Green Network, we have production and distribution all in one place enabling our members to flexibly adapt to changes, address production/testing issues faster, and get state testing without having to waste time. We also help with the distribution for our member’s products at rates which crush the competition.

Why Choose MyGN as your Cannabis Shared Kitchen

My Green Network offers you the most professional and reliable services for our members in addition to full use of our cannabis cloud kitchen, facilities, equipment, and its benefits. Start smart with My Green Network and expand your cannabis small business into commercial cannabis manufacturing, today.