What is Cannabis Co-Packing? Top Benefits to Know!

Cannabis co-packing is on the rise. It’s a trend that’s helping current licensees expand their reach with product diversification and maintain steady, increasing sales. But for those not familiar with the trend, you might be wondering – what is the copacker meaning, and how are cannabis manufacturing companies supporting existing brands? 

Here, we’ll answer those question=s and more in our beginner’s guide to cannabis co-packing. Keep reading to learn more about the growing trend for increasing market share, and to learn how to put it to good use for your brand or operation. 

What is cannabis co-packing?

Cannabis co-packing is when one licensed company helps another (licensed or not) with equipment, production, packaging, or distribution of cannabis products. Of course, co-packing regulations vary from state to state, but here in California, cannabis co-packing can include all of the above and even the co packing and manufacturing of marijuana infused products. 

That means, as long as you find cannabis manufacturing companies that are licensed for the manufacturing, production and distribution of products, you can partner with them for your own branded product. The most common ways to co-pack marijuana infused products with cannabis manufacturing companies is through – 

  • White label cannabis products – Just like in other industries, white label marijuana edible manufacturers have a collection of products they produce that other companies can brand as their own. 
  • Private label cannabis products – Private label cannabis products are similar to white label cannabis manufacturing, however the brand can have a say in the formula, recipe or manufacturing. For instance, a marijuana edible manufacturer may make a standard solventless gummy that others can brand as a “white label”. If you wanted to make the solventless gummy, micro-dosed, extra-strength, or a seasonal or special flavor – you could make a “private level” version which gives you the benefit of customizing an already successful, and cost-effective product that has streamlined manufacturing for fast launching onto the shelves. 
  • Shared manufacturing – Shared manufacturing refers to partnering with a cannabis manufacturing company and using their equipment for the manufacturing of your brand’s individual products. 

Next, let’s get caught up with the most common types of marijuana infused products that cannabis manufacturing companies produce for cannabis co-packing. 

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Co-packing marijuana infused products

The key to a successful cannabis co-packing relationship lies in a quality, high-selling marijuana infused product and its cost-effective manufacturing. That means if you’re considering partnering with a gummy manufacturer, California companies should be especially cautious about who they partner with, considering they’ll be entering a crowded market that requires quality products for sustainability and sales. 

So, how do you know who you’re partnering with is the real deal? Legitimate cannabis manufacturing companies will be able to offer samples, and show you their manufacturing processes firsthand. Even pass along references from prior partners or introduce you to others who have used their services or equipment. 

Now that you know more about what to look for in a cannabis manufacturing company partner, here are some of the most popular products that cannabis co-packing is helping to produce. 

  • Solventless edibles and vape carts – The clean weed movement is gaining momentum as are the demand for solventless edibles and solventless vape carts. Solventless goods reference extracts from the plant without the use of “solvents” like ethanol, butane, or propane. Instead, natural methods like heat, pressure, or ice, are used to agitate, isolate, and extract the plant’s precious oils for consumption. 
  • Specialty edibles – As edibles continue to rise in popularity among consumers, so does the demand for specialty goods. Such as gluten-free, low-sugar, or vegan options, and even specialty dosage options like microdosed, rapid onset, or extra strengths, or 1:1 specific ratios for medicinal use. 
  • Advanced consumption methods – From suppositories to oral sprays, patches, and lozenges, the number of cannabis consumption methods is continually evolving. Meaning, it’s crucial to choose a cannabis manufacturing company that has the bandwidth, space, technology, and know-how to produce advanced consumption methods as they increase in popularity. 
  • Infused pre-rolls – Pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls are another product category quickly gaining market share, that cannabis co-packing can easily help you join. 

Really, the sky’s the limit when finding a quality and reputable cannabis manufacturing company to help you expand your product line, and brand’s market share. 

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Cannabis manufacturing companies for co-packing 

Cannabis manufacturing companies offer emerging, and established brands a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Expertise on manufacturing marijuana infused products.
  • Expertise on the packaging, labeling, and compliance of distributing marijuana infused products. 
  • The ability to focus on building your brand vs manufacturing. 
  • The ability to save on overhead costs, to increase your brand’s bottom line. 

In the cannabis industry, where there are so many brands to choose from, messaging and reaching target audiences are key. Which gives those who use cannabis manufacturing companies an edge by freeing up budget space for educating the consumer versus manufacturing a product they may never be exposed to otherwise. 

My Green Network: The premier cannabis co-packing choice 

My Green Network was established in 2021 and has quickly become southern California’s premier cannabis manufacturing company. Our state-of-the art facility is home to some of the most cutting edge marijuana edible manufacturing equipment, in addition to processing and extracting equipment for a wide range of capabilities. 

We specialize in manufacturing – 

  • Marijuana infused products, like edibles, oral sprays, tinctures, etc. 
  • Flower products, like pre-rolls, and infused pre-rolls. 
  • Solventless products, like solventless vape carts, solventless edibles, etc. 

So, how can you get started? Simply schedule a tour of our facility or a discovery call with our team now! Get in touch with My Green Network here.