Where to Source California Rosin + Top Concentrate Differences to Know!

You could say, certain concentrates are heating up in popularity like the heat it takes to consume them (up to 600℉ for some dabbers!). In 2022, according to Headset data, concentrates and vape pens accounted for over 30% of total sales in comparison to edibles, flowers, and pre-roll categories. 

Even more, live resin and rosin products accounted for 46% of the concentrate segments market share. 

So if you’re in the cannabis industry, or looking for the most cost-effective and prosperous entry to market – concentrates could just be the category to enter (or expand into!). Here, let’s explore various types of wholesale concentrates California brands can white label or private label, and how My Green Network can help. 

How Concentrates Can Differ 

First and foremost – even as we see retail price drops across the board, due to the elevated nature of concentrates they continue to command a higher than average retail cost. That means, when keeping your manufacturing costs low and with current California concentrate prices, they often offer higher margins for manufacturers. 

As for differences between product to product, there’s a variety of concentrates you can produce or tap into for higher price points, or varying consumer types. Before we get into just how concentrates like shatter or rosin can vary, let’s talk on a broader scale of how concentrates differ from brand to brand or from one cannabis manufacturer in California manufacturer to another. 

  • Extraction methods and capabilities – There are two main categories now emerging for extraction method types that consumers are seeking. Solventless, and non-solventless. Solventless is a part of the “clean weed” movement and offers the purest of extracts considering it uses no “solvent” like butane, or propane, to extract the plant’s precious oils – only ice water is used. As consumer desire for clean products continues to increase, so will sales of solventless cannabis. 
  • Flower source and type – Your end result will only be as quality as what it begins with. So sourcing quality flower, even flower that’s specifically cultivated for high resin, or terpenes, is ideal for concentrate purposes. 
  • Final consistency and quality – Again – not all flower, or processes will result in a premium final consistency or quality. So, when considering where to source California rosin be sure to check samples from the cannabis manufacturing companies you’re considering. 

So why does quality in concentrates matter especially from a brand perspective? Because don’t forget California concentrate prices are some of the highest on the shelves today. So, a consumer is expecting quality in return, or might not be a returning customer – or spread good word of mouth for positive promotion. 

Concentrate Types 101

Now that we know more about how cannabis manufacturing companies can differ in concentrate quality, let’s dive deeper into the type of concentrates you or your brand might be interested in manufacturing. 

Live Rosin vs Live Resin

The latest trend (and debate) amongst cannabis consumers and connoisseurs is live rosin and live resin. The similarity between the two? Both are extracted from flower material that was flash frozen upon harvesting.

The difference? Live rosin is made with a solventless extraction process – meaning, it doesn’t require any potentially harmful “solvents” or chemicals to separate the oil from flower material. As for live resin, solvent-based extraction processes with these styles of solvents is used. 

Like we mentioned earlier, currently, live rosin and live resin account for the highest sales in the concentrates’ product category. 


Shatter is easy to decipher based on name alone, as it looks like it could break into pieces just like glass. It tends to have a golden and translucent appearance, and is most often made with a hydrocarbon extraction process. 


Budder or badder is another appropriately named concentrate, as the final consistency is creamy like ‘butter’ or even thick cake ‘batter’. To achieve this consistency, extractors tend to use a whipping process that produces a soft, yet gooey texture.

Naturally, some rosins can be budder-like in consistency, but the concentrate type can be achieved using solventless or solvent-based extraction methods. 


Hash, or what’s now more commonly and more specifically coined as ice water hash or bubble hash is a traditional, and old-school form of extracting the good stuff from plant material. More technically, it’s the collection of trichomes (the sticky, mushroom-like shapes you can see on macro-level bud shots!) from a process that uses ice, water, and filter bags.

Today, cannabis manufacturing companies in California are seeing demand for hash for rising trends like infused pre-rolls, like “hash holes”. 

Tapping into Wholesale Concentrates California Trends at MyGN

According to the Brightfield Group, a leading cannabis industry analytics firm, nearly 29% of cannabis consumers say they have used concentrates in the past six months, up from around 22% in 2020. “More than 64% of consumers are using cannabis at least daily. … The more frequently you use, the higher your tolerance becomes. That’s helping build the concentrates market,” explained Bethany Gomez, Brightfield’s managing director.

Also of note from recent Headset data, is the fact that Gen-z is the biggest audience for concentrates. The generation alone makes up 14.4% of concentrates’ wallet share, followed by millennials at 11.6%. As two of the biggest, and fastest growing (some of Gen-z has yet to turn 21!) generations, this further solidifies future growth of concentrate sales. 

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We offer current and potential licensees the opportunity to explore a collection of premium white label cannabis products (like top-shelf California rosin!) or their very own private label cannabis product, too. With our efficient team, and state of the art equipment, we’re able to offer quality wholesale concentrates California-wide at the best prices for optimal profits. 

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