White Label Cannabis Products – The Top 6 Ways to Spot A Quality Partner

Launching a new cannabis product is no joke in today’s industry. But there’s no reason to be afraid of the competition. Even though there’s a growing number of cannabis brands in California, there’s an equally growing amount of consumers (tourists and visitors included!). 

As consumer demand continues to rise in the Golden State, so will the demand for high-quality brands that offer more than just a top-shelf product but a brand they can connect to. With the right cannabis white label California partner, this could be you. 

If you’re considering a career switch, a life shift, or searching for ways to ignite your entrepreneurial fire, white label cannabis products could be your way to change. So keep reading to learn more about how to navigate the complex market and launch your white label cannabis brand the most successfully


White Label Cannabis California Partners: 6 Must-Haves

To ensure your launch isn’t a flop or a costly mistake, here are the top six things to look for when selecting a cannabis white-label California manufacturer. 

#1 – Capacity 

One thing that can quickly lose white-label pre-roll or white-label cannabis edible customers is not having a consistent stock. As soon as your white label cannabis product is out, they’ll just buy another and might not ever come back for that return purchase. In an industry with so many options, brand loyalty is important, so make sure your white-label cannabis California partner can keep up with your sales plans and schedule. 

#2 – Capabilities 

Along with capacity, there are capabilities that will differ from one THC white label manufacturer to another. For instance, do they offer solventless products, an increasing category in sales? Do they offer a wide range of white-label cannabis products to allow your brand to scale and diversify over time? Do they have state-of-the-art equipment that efficiently produces consistent quality and dosage? 

#3 – Support 

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a contract manufacturer to produce popular goods like white-label pre-rolls or white-label cannabis edibles is the time you’ll get back as a business owner to plan and strategize your product’s launch. The time that’s going to be necessary in the somewhat cutthroat industry of purchasing and sales among California retailers and delivery services. 

That means one thing to look for in a potential cannabis white label California partner is additional support for sales and branding. Even though you will still have to put in effort to launch your brand, simply having it on any shelves will get you started and give you credibility to sell others. Other benefits would include help with labeling or packaging to make sure your brand follows all of the state’s complex regulations. 

#4 – Expertise 

Expertise doesn’t just come in the form of capabilities or industry connections, it also comes with the caliber of the facility and staff. Technically, anyone can set up shop with a few pieces of equipment and manufacture white label cannabis products. But you don’t want just any product to go to sale in this market. You’ll want the best product possible to grow a returning customer base. 

So, learn everything you can about your potential cannabis white-label California partner’s legal manufacturing experience, from prior professional experience to equipment types or even SOPs for regularly maintaining critical equipment for production. 

#5 – Compliance 

Cannabis is a highly regulated market, which means your new white-label cannabis brand can’t afford to make any mistakes with fines reaching up to $128 million. So, you’ll want your THC white label manufacturer to know about more than just packaging and labeling rules. They should also know about all the requirements the product must meet as it goes through METRC. 

METRC, which stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting and Compliance System, is in charge of tracking and tracing efforts of products throughout their journey in the market. Any problem along the way with storage, waste, etc., can cause production delays, which can hurt your brand’s ability to keep loyal customers coming back. 

#6 -Experience 

Everyone can talk the talk, but can your white-label cannabis California partner walk the walk? Before you sign any contracts or move forward with a THC white label manufacturer, be sure you ask to see their work or speak with other brands they’ve produced for. 

white label cannabis products

The Bottom Line: White Label Cannabis Products

All in all, white-label cannabis products are a simple and seamless route into the California cannabis market when done correctly. The last thing any new cannapreneur wants is to enter with a less-than-quality product and not just be back to square one, but with a tarnished reputation to go along with it. 

So, as recession and layoff concerns rise, if you’re all in on becoming the next best thing in the cannabis industry, consider My Green Network as your trusted cannabis white-label California manufacturer. We helped launch over 20 brands in one year, as well as supply private label and white label manufacturing services to some of the biggest brand names for product diversification purposes.  

Go on and bring this checklist to a tour of our facility, and we’ll show you how we check off all of the boxes as the premier cannabis white-label California producer. Learn more and send us a message to schedule now.