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Grow or launch your business with California’s premier cannabis manufacturers.

Cannabis White Label and Private Label Opportunities

My Green Network is southern California’s all in one source for premium white and private label cannabis products. From white label pre rolls, to private label vape pens, white label cannabis edibles, and beyond… our state of the art facility and expert team is equipped and ready to help you create! 

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White Label and Private Label Cannabis:
The future of scaling the California cannabis market

Cannabis manufacturing companies, like My Green Network, help current and new licensees scale the California cannabis market seamlessly, and cost-effectively.  

Focus on growth

In today’s industry, it takes time to nurture customer loyalty and provide education to buyers, and sellers alike. Leave the manufacturing to us, so you can focus on branding and growth!

Reach new audiences

If you already have a brand, make all new sales with a new product and new target markets. Including retail house brands, California cannabis gummies and cultivator collabs, and more.

Tap into trends

Solventless products are poised as the future of the cannabis industry, as is product sophistication (think vegan, microdose, etc.)! Capitalize with seamless manufacturing.

What is white label cannabis?

White label cannabis refers to the manufacturing of a cannabis product, like California cannabis gummies, or California rosin, that can be individually branded.

What is private label cannabis?

Unlike white labeling, private labeling allows brands to take part in the formulation of their products. This means the product they manufacture is unique.

Launch with quality and confidence

With the support of MyGN, you can maintain your brand’s reputation or launch a new product with confidence in quality.

Reduce the costs of buying state of the art equipment yourself, and put the MyGN facility to work for your brand’s overall quality – and reputation. 

From solventless California rosin to California cannabis gummies, and everything in between – we’ve perfected our processes and recipes to achieve consistent quality. 

With built-in retail and distribution support, we help your new or existing brand reach new markets in the southern California region. 

Whether it’s a unique flavor, or ingredient, consistency or specific dosage you’re trying to achieve – we help research and develop your private label cannabis product to perfection. 

Protect your business (and profits) from regulatory risks with our compliance expertise. 

Manufacturing top shelf white label and private label cannabis

Put MyGN’s vast manufacturing knowledge and capabilities to work for you with top-shelf white label and private label cannabis products that are in high demand and command high prices.


In 2022, cannabis market analyst firm BDSA released data that showed the solventless vape rosin product category alone, spiked by 1405% in sales over the year prior. Take advantage of the growing trend with quality solventless products, ready to go to sale.


Whether you need cannabis co-packing services, or want to launch your very own white label pre rolls or private label pre rolls, MyGN is your premium flower connection!


Featuring the industry’s leading confectionery depositor, the Baker Perkins, access to premium ingredients and relationships with all-natural flavor houses – MyGN helps you craft high-end California cannabis gummies, and other innovative private label edibles.

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