Why My Green Network?

Start Smart

Getting a cannabis license can seem overwhelming with massive headaches and $1,000,000 or more starting costs. So we made it easy. 

Save Money.

At less than $50,000 – we are the smartest way to get your cannabis manufacturing license.

Start Faster.

We are the fastest licensing processing around with expedited  local and state applications.

No Hassle.

MyGN’s expert licensing team carries 9 years of experience with successful cannabis applications.

Your Space.

Get exclusive badge restricted access for secure production and storage.

Go Green the Way You Want

Why do Traditional Cannabis Startups Struggle?

 Traditional cannabis business spend 90% of their resources on non-revenue generating expenses:

  • Licensing & Compliance 
  • Security & Audits
  • Real-Estate & Utilities
  • Equipment & Maintenance
  • and much, much more.

This means the least amount of their resources go towards the most important part of their business – increasing sales. 

MyGN is YOUR Secret Advantage

Flexible Memberships

MyGN Green Leaders can add or reduce days – any time.

Produce what you want, when you want. This empowers you to create your schedule, minimize costs, and maximize profits.

Collaborative Community

Get connected with an incredibly talented community of passionate artisans focused on crafting the best products on the market – from infused pre-rolls to michelin-chef made edibles and specialized beauty products and more.

Focus on Success

Green Leaders focus on what generates sales and revenue.

90% of your resources should be used on production, marketing, and sales – the most important parts of your business.

Guaranteed Retail Delivery

My Green Network is the ONLY cannabis cloud kitchen which guarantees your products your will be immediately placed on a California licensed retail delivery platform immediately for your consumers to purchase.

We Do The Rest

We eliminate the distractions so you can focus on creating your dream cannabis brand the way you want.

Operate Compliantly and Safely

Our Green Leaders are trained by MyGN’s experts in METRC.

MyGN Logistics and Fulfillment

MyGN’s on-site licensed distribution enables easy transportation to your retail partners.

Welcome to YOUR Green Network

Access the Green Network of licensed operators across the entire supply chain.

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