Discover MyGN


To be the world’s premier platform for cannabis innovation.


We're creating a community of leaders to inspire the next generation of cannabis manufacturers. 

We seek knowledge and act with integrity, empathy, and courage to impact our environment.

We inspire others by facing and accepting challenges with curiosity and improving every day.

We are a community built on trust and celebrate collaboration, diversity, and innovation.


Your success is our success. 
Everything we do originates from this concept. We built My Green Network for cannabis manufacturers to succeed collaboratively. 
We wanted a business that we could confidently tell someone that when they win, everyone wins. We wanted to stand side by side with leaders, to give our full support to innovative concepts, and to open the Green Network without reservation to people we wanted to work with.  
So we created MyGN. Our members know that at the end of every day, they can say this is "My" Green Network.
Go Green the Way You Want. We do the Rest.