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Superior Source + First Class Process = Premium Hash

The superior solventless equation at MyGN is simple.

Environment for Expression

Where weed grows matters. Individual terroirs, and organic practices like cultivating with living soil can help nurture optimal expression from cannabis plants for optimal extraction.

Source: Where Quality Begins

Meet the farms we work with that uphold superior standards for premium rosin.

Humboldt Kine Farms is located in the heart of the legendary Emerald Triangle, where their world-renowned flowers grow. Their team works tirelessly to ensure that every strain is grown with care and attention to detail, resulting in premium flowers that deliver an unparalleled experience. 


In Trinity County, Booney Acres is living their dreams of cultivating the highest quality craft cannabis possible. Drawing from numerous agricultural practices, they build soil health, plant health, and terpene profiles, creating a sustainable future for themselves and the consumer.

Luma California is an outdoor regenerative cannabis farm that specializes in fresh, frozen material exclusively for hash production. Located in the exclusive PetaLUMA Gap in Sonoma County, their organic, full-sun cultivation methods promote soil health and microbiology, resulting in cannabis products that showcase their unique terroir.

Huckleberry Hill Farms, home of award-winning White Thorn Rose, is proud to be the fourth existing farm in Humboldt County to be fully permitted, by the county as well as the state of California. Each of their cannabis varieties reflects an original family cultivar and in its natural and coveted environment, there is nothing quite like full-sun craft cannabis from the hills of Southern Humboldt.

A legacy cannabis farm in the mountains of Humboldt County, Sunrise produces craft cannabis at an elevation of 2,500’ with lush, forested wilderness surrounding. Their regenerative and science based farming practices encourage plants to exude cannabinoids and terpene expressions reflective of their terroir and distinct growing style. 

Processing: Where Quality Continues

Premium flower meets first class processing for a top quality result.

It all starts with premium fresh frozen flower, that’s been transported and stored at optimal conditions for preservation.

From there, the quality source is washed carefully and intentionally to separate and agitate the precious trichomes from the flower material. 

benefits of solventless extraction

Our team of experts then collect the separated material in our state-of-the-art facility, to be further pressed into rosin products.

Our team of experts then collect the separated material in our state-of-the-art facility, to be further pressed into rosin products.

Selling: 6-star hash extracts

Our flower to rosin standards and expertise craft a variety of rosin extracts for maximum sell- and scale-ability.  

Who is MyGN?

My Green Network is the leading manufacturer of the highest grade hash and edibles for premium California brands. We craft superior products so cannabis brands can gain the time and peace of mind to successfully scale. 

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