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Leading manufacturers of premium distillate and rosin gummies. 


Select a standard sugar coating, melt or no-melt, or craft a specialty bite with unique coatings like tajin and beyond.


Pucker up, edible consumers, with our team’s extensive expertise in crafting unique flavors with sour varieties, too.


From sturdy and chewy to soft and gooey, fine-tune the bite of your gummy to the fine taste of your desired consumer.


Elderberry, pineapple, lime… the list goes on. Craft a menu of flavors with your brand’s unique flair.


Match your brand’s aesthetic or make your very own custom color to stand out from the others on the shelves. 

Shapes & Molds

Use your own custom mold to make brand specific shapes, and differentiate your gummies from others on the shelves, today. 

Nootropics: explore more from Mother Nature

At MyGN, we’re happy to explore nootropic and all-natural ingredient R&D to help brands target specific wellness effects consumers demand. 

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Premium Infused Chocolate

The finest cannabis deserves the finest chocolate, crafted by Michelin-star chefs at MyGN and infused with top-shelf distillate or rosin. 


Experiment with adding nuts and other toppings to your chocolate bars.


From churro to raspberry, orange to mint, make a custom creation. 

Milk, White & Dark

Our edible team is experts at crafting fine milk, dark and white chocolates.

Terroirs and Chocolate

Just like wine, chocolate is influenced by its surrounding environment, or “terroir”, which can include the climate, soil, terrain, nearby plants, and even regional traditions. 

Select a unique terroir for fruity, floral, earthy, or nutty aromas to elevate your infused chocolate edibles that much more. 

Premium Infused Chews

Enter a fresh, growing market with premium-made chews that your brand can be confident in. 

Who is MyGN?

My Green Network is the leading manufacturer of the highest grade hash and edibles for premium California brands. We craft superior products so cannabis brands can gain the time and peace of mind to successfully scale. 

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