Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I receive my own cannabis license or am I somehow under My Green Network's license?  

At the end of the MyGN licensing process, you will receive 100% ownership of your own cannabis manufacturing license- we don't take equity or require rev-share. It's your business, brand, and license. You do not come under the My Green Network manufacuring license.

Does My Green Network make my products or do I come in and make my own products with a Type S License?

Both options are available. Getting a Type S License with My Green Network empowers you to come in and make your cannabis product using tMyGN facility, spaces, and equipment. 

In addition, you can also partner directly with ourselves and our members to co-manufacture, white label, and private label for interested brands. Think of it this way, My Green Network will have 30 different talented Green Leaders licensed and available for you to partner with. 

Do I have to pay the ~$50K cannabis licensing fee in one payment? 

Our licensing fee payment schedule is broken into 3 payments and we offer payment plans for startups that need time. Contact us for more details.

Is My Green Network owned and operated by lawyers?

Yes, we were founded by two cannabis attorneys which decided to help small businesses, cannapreneurs, and new cannabusinesses streamline the process to get into the cannabis industry.  

We've created California's best industry standard for Type S Licensing and pride ourselves on being the most transparent and community driven shared-use facility for cannapreneurs anywhere. 

Does My Green Network help me sell and/or distribute my cannabis products? 

We tell every Green Leader you have 2 jobs to focus on in here - produce the best cannabis products possible and sell them.

While you're fully responsible for sales, we'll help where we can, like creating The Green Spot and guaranteeing placement on a licensed delivery platform in Orange County, our Artisan's Corner digital catalog and partnerships with local retail partners. You can see what stores we've helped our members get to market here.

We also have our own cannabis distribution license to provide state-compliance testing, distribution, and storage for our members in addition to partnering with licensed distributors state wide.

MyGN Cannabis License FAQ

The ~$50,000 cannabis licensing fee paid to MyGN covers ALL your city and state licensing fees + My Green Network's application preparation fees by our expert legal team. If you would like a clear breakdown, please contact us to schedule a tour or introductory call. 

Our current time frame to apply and get your city and state cannabis licenses is approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Many times, we actually get approvals faster but this could be extended due to holidays, delays in receiving paperwork from the applicant, etc. 

YES, we are designed to help you GET your own cannabis license and join the cannabis industry legally, affordably, and quickly. 

Every cannabis license in California is tied to a physical location. The Type S License is a "full" city and state issued cannabis manufacturing license subject to its own restrictions like every other cannabis license. If you want to transfer locations, like all California cannabis licenses you will need to be in compliance with city and state regulations.  

The California law directly related to transferring ANY cannabis license in California is: "Pursuant to section 15000.1(e), licenses are not transferable from one premises/location to another.  To change premises, a new license application is needed for the new premise/location and the business shall not operate at the new premises/location until a new license has been issued." 

As a shared-economy cannabusiness, we think collaboratively. Some great ideas that other people have come up with are: building a company together and splitting the license cost and monthly membership fees with 2 or 3 partners/friends,  setting up co-manufacturing/white label deals with advance payment, and of course traditional fund-raising. 

ALL cannabis licenses in California are annual licenses. That means no matter what cannabis license type you have - you have to renew every year. 

The reason why traditional licenses are more valuable are because of the assets of the business (like equipment, tenant improvements, real-estate (if applicable), etc.). 

PLEASE. We are a cannabis incubator and community at our core. We want you to succeed. If you out-grow us (meaning you're making more than $1,000,000 a year), we'll even help you find funding and grow into your own facility. 

We believe that as you grow and thrive, you can become our alumni and graduate from My Green Network. You can also grow with us as we grow into other locations, states, and countries. 

This will range from ~$17,000 to $22,000 depending on how much money you make in the past year. 

Yes. We're limited by the number of spaces and the amount of time our members book. Right now, our projected maximum capacity will be around 30 companies. This is quickly filling up as companies are placing down their deposits and we currently are over half full. 

Like all cannabis licenses, YES. However, it is not a direct sale. Usually you will need to sell your company to the buyer and report all changes to the city and state. 

The only way you will not get your cannabis license through My Green Network's process is if you are not a qualified cannabis business owner. Otherwise, if you are a qualified cannabis business owner - we guarantee you'll receive your license or your money back. 

MyGN Cannabis Product Development FAQ

Yes. Within the Green Network you'll find talented chefs, formulators, and more. We have a wide network of experts available to help with formulations - ask for our services menu. 

Yes, people in our licensing process can feel free to use us for R&D testing and getting their products ready when their license is issued. Just contact us and let us know how we can help. 

MyGN Cannabis Operations FAQ

1% (one percent). On November 1, 2022 My Green Network along with the OCAA worked with the city of Santa Ana to reduce cannabis taxes from 6% to 1% on gross receipts.  

Yes, we have multiple testing lab partnerships. We get discounted rates with our partners and pass those savings on to our members. 

Yes. In fact, we make this ourselves and sell our solventless extracts to some of the biggest names in California's cannabis industry. 

Yes. We can help source cannabis ingredient from flower and distillate to the cannabis industry's most advanced cannabis products like ice water hash, live rosin, and more. In fact, we produce single strain solventless extracts on site. 

Yes. We also help our members source everything from sugar, fruit, and more from the hospitality industry. We work with the biggest vendors country-wide for quality ingredients at the lowest rates. 

Yes, as a Type-S license cannabis manufacturer you can do any infusion, packaging, and assembly. This means you can make edibles, beauty products, tinctures, vape pens, flower, pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, and more. 

Literally, you can make any product you can think of.

Absolutely, you can choose any licensed distributor you like. However, as a MyGN member, you'll get exclusive discounts and the lowest rates that we've secured throughout the state.  

Absolutely, you can choose any licensed distributor you like. However, as a MyGN member, you'll get exclusive discounts and the lowest rates that we've secured throughout the state.